xraise wallet
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xRaise mobile Wallet
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key features
User-centric design, with quick setup, paymasters, hardware signer, batched txn, social recovery & more
xRaise uses Session Keys for seamless gaming, eliminating the need for players to approve each transaction separately, ensuring smooth gameplay akin to online gaming
SDK for game engines
The xRaise SDK simplifies game porting to Web3, offering novel solutions for sustainable mechanics and player onboarding
With xRaise, you can pay with stablecoins or any other supported token
request/claim amount
You can request any number of tokens you want from users
Set up auto payments and pay subscriptions, payroll and more
own your wallet
Easily swap and hold tokens, manage/view NFTs from your favorite games, and interact with the games/dApps you like.
game events
borderSoon there will be new events in this sectionborder
roadmap 2024
The roadmap shows the immediate tasks for the team
xRaise mobile app beta (IOS, Android) mainnet on zkSync Era
xRaise plug-in SDK for unity engine
Integrating enhanced third-party protocols/features
xRaise wallet EIP4337 and Multi-Chain support
Enhanced Security Measures
Ecosystem Growth
New Features & Products
xRaise web app on zkSync Era mainnet
Ecosystem Growth
Enhanced Security Measures
Roadmap Update
Guilds - Avatars
xraise logoxraise party
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